Environment and energy saving

Benefits arising from the installation of a wind turbine

The energy produced by the wind turbine will be equivalent to the power obtained by multiplying the time, so obtaining an annual energy 205.824kWh . Equivalent hours are obtained by dividing the power by the rated power of the turbine , which gives us a rough idea of ??the performance of the wind turbine : about 2572 hours.

Estimated energy savings

Being an installation work scheme so prevalent , we can consider that on average throughout the year, all the power generated will be consumed .

As we do not have a record to detail ( in intervals of minutes or hours) consumption and wind resource throughout the year, we will use an approximation, using the following coefficients:

The estimated energy savings will be: 205.824kWh/aņo * 0.9 * 0.95 * 0.9 =158,382 kWh / year

Emission savings of greenhouse gas

Produce electricity from wind means that energy is not obtained from other sources that produce greenhouse gases in its production.

According to the 2012 electricity observatory conducted by World Wildlife Found, the environmental impact of electricity consumption is

  • 0'247 kg CO2/kWh
  • 0'534 gr SO2/kWh
  • 0'375 kg NOx/kWh
  • 0'319 mg RAA2/kWh
  • 0'00261 cm3 RBMA/kWh

In a year of average wind resource reduction to obtain an environmental year

  • 158.382,00 kWh
  • 39.120,35 kg CO2
  • 84.575,99 gr SO2
  • 59.393,25 gr NOx
  • 50.523,86 mg RAA2
  • 413,38 cm3 RBMA